Laser Line of Sight Communications

The idea that inspired laser communications is simple. In today’s world, data can be packaged much more quickly and efficiently without wires and messy connectivity, a stark contrast to only a few years ago, when wires were the necessity. However, the discovery of free space optics has changed that entire paradigm. Now, wires are more of an accessory. With laser technology, data moves more quickly and with just as much integrity as it would have through a wire. Additionally, a wire system imposes none of the messy assorted installation costs of a wired system: you install the system, and then you can create wireless bridges without having to actually run any more cord.

Laser line of sight communications have never been more practical. They offer tremendous flexibility, allowing you to choose virtually any communication format you prefer. They are also secure and more cost effective, even than wireless radio transmissions over short range. They tend not to be such good choices if you intend to transmit frequent long distance data bursts as the signal requires a specific line of sight, which can become impaired over wider expanses.


Designing Free Space Optics Networks

Whenever you work to design a network, you need a qualified company working with you toward your goals. A good company will be able to offer you the right advice and will know their products cold. But most importantly, a good company will listen to you and your needs first. They will then combine your ideas and needs with measurements of your particular space to determine what laser line of sight communications will work best in your situation.

No matter what company you select, if they are a good company they will likely offer options beyond laser communications. However, when making your final installation decision, consider these factors that make free space optics technology stand out:

  • Easy and rapid delivery
  • Limited need for wires
  • No registration fees
  • Clear transmission

No matter what your communications situation, with the right company you are certain to find a technology that suits your needs perfectly.