Broad Institute

The Broad Institute is a research collaboration of MIT, Harvard University, the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, and affiliated hospitals. Its scientific mission is to create tools for genomic medicine and make them more broadly available to the scientific community in order to propel the understanding and treatment of disease.
‘The Broad’ had run out of space in its main facility and was in a jam. They needed a solution to be implemented in a very short timeframe. Specifically, they needed to establish a high capacity (Gigabit Ethernet) LAN connection with a facility it planned to occupy temporarily (< 2 years) while a new state of the art facility was being built that would allow them to consolidate their labs. Dark fiber was not an option since they could not get the right of way to trench across a city street and high capacity leased lines were too costly.

The Solution
FastLinks was contracted to design & implement a redundant, 1000Base-Sx wireless link between the sites. A hybrid system was deployed, with one link being a free space optical (FSO) system and the other a 60GHz radio system, which provided the needed high capacity and showed a 1-year payback vs. leased fiber.