Bronx Lebanon Hospital

FastLinks was contracted by Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions, a large firm out of New York, NY to establish a series of dual-wireless connections between a eight of the Bronx Lebanon Hospital’s facilities.

For each connection, a 100Mbps FSO link was installed to provide a secure channel for their LAN traffic and a license-free radio link was installed to provide a backup connection for the LAN connection in the event of a hardware failure or weather related outage as well as a T1 side channel to support voice traffic.

The implementation of the wireless network designed by FastLinks proved to be extremely cost effective in comparison to leased lines of like bandwidth.

FYI – Fort Apache by Tom Walker, was written during the early 1970’s. Walker captures in vivid detail what it was like to work in the then busiest and deadliest 41st precinct in New York. It was later made into a movie “Fort Apache-The Bronx” starring Paul Newman.