Wireless Network Design

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are conducted to determine the optimal transmission routes and mediums of wireless communications to best meet all our prospective customer’s connectivity requirements. Our personnel will visit all sites, as well as any other available structures suitable for supporting wireless communications using transmitters/antennas.

At each site the following will be evaluated:  Line of sight, existing LAN, video and/or voice facilities in place (hardware & cable), wireless transmitter/ antenna mount design and location, cable type, length and routing, desired location of indoor hardware, security of the proposed wireless communication setup, and potential for interference with existing wireless communications systems/devices

Topographic Map/Aerial Photography Analysis

FastLinks can review topographic maps (including US Geological Survey) and aerial photographs to determine the likelihood of line of sight between locations. Potential obstructions will be identified and path profile plots constructed to determine the antenna centerline heights that would be needed to clear any obstructions.

Line of site surveys

Similar to feasibility study, however focusing solely on determining what it would take to establish line of sight between our customers’ facilities.

Path Calculations

Path availability will be calculated in order to have an estimate as to the annual outage time due to weather related attenuation one can expect for any proposed wireless system over a specified distance.

Tower Design

At locations that require a tower in order to establish line of sight with others, FastLinks will detail the minimum load (antenna size and height, plus transmission line) the tower will need to support.

Frequency Coordination & FCC Licensing

To operate radios in a number of frequency bands requires a FCC license and FastLinks can obtain this license for you.